Design, construction, and renewal of buildings and facilities
The greenery of plants provides people with feelings of spiritual affluence and comfort. Greenery possesses many psychologically relaxing effects such as easing of tension, calming, and mitigation of unpleasant sensations. We propose plant-based environmental effects for a wide variety of facilities including hotels, condominiums, hospitals, universities, parks, and libraries.
Our services are wide-ranging, covering field surveys, proposals, design, execution of work, and management.
Civil engineering and land development work
Private houses, athletic facilities, and public works
Sports turf is a type of turf designed for athletic games. Sports turf needs to have performance appropriate for athletic games that are to be played thereon, such as high surface toughness, good water drainage, and sufficient resistance to abrasion. We create sports turf that is strong, beautiful, and supportive of players. With "course maintenance from the viewpoint of players" as our goal, we also help create environments in which players can display their full capacities. We are professionals of turf management and maintenance, both natural and artificial, and you can depend on us.

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