We manage golf courses by maintaining the turf with meticulous care that makes the most of the healing power that is inherent in each blde of grass.
Improvement in turf quality creates better turf conditions, and eventually courses that are satisfactory to players.

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Improved course conditions are maintained by the special technology and know-how of our specialists.
Soil and water inspection and analysis determines the appropriate amount of chemicals and water to spray and the right kind of materials to use for maintenance in order to ensure the right course conditions.
We select and use high-quality, advanced materials and machinery for maintenance work from economical viewpoints and based on reasonable judgment.
Computer-based total management is provided, which covers maintenance work, materials and machinery to use, labor costs and other necessary factors.
Appropriate course management is provided through close coordination between on location staff and specialists at headquarters.
Economy of scale achieved by providing maintenance services to numerous courses
Regional central management allows streamlined supply of the necessary personnel whenever and wherever they are needed.
A system is in place that allows swift implementation of repair work as a quick response to course damaged caused by a disaster
 Integrated pest management (IPM) by our specialists  allows high-quality maintenance quickly.
 Specialized machinery available for maintenance work.
State of the art equipment available to ensure enhanced work efficiency.
High quality management using our own unique system
Collaboration between green keepers and our specialists for various management and maintenance operations, including professional golfers, technical support staff and research staff, can keep course conditions at an enhanced level.
High quality management can be ensured by our expertise and the advanced technical capabilities of our support staff.
Use of advanced machinery and materials.
Course inspections from a player’s perspective by our staff professional golfers.
High evaluation by golfers, who are our main customers, is the result of our management system.
Realization of Cost Reduction and Course Quality Maintenance and Improvement
Realization of energy and labor savings through regular evaluations of the ongoing management system
Efficient use of materials and machinery
Appropriate responses to seasonal changes
Course grade improvement and cost reduction via economy of scale

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