Comprehensive support ranging from planning to proposals, work execution, and management of new ground and ball game ground projects
Field plans ideal for players based on designs produced by our team of sports turf specialists
We possess specialized know-how designed for sports turf management due to our long experience in golf course management. Applying such expertise, we provide comprehensive management services for a wide variety of grounds and ball game fields

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Ordinary maintenance, referred to as general management, provides maintenance services for turf and en-tout-cas (artificial soil) based on an annual schedule.
We assign our professional staff, who know all about preparations for athletic events such as edging and line drawing, to the management of ball game facilities such as baseball parks.
 Turf conditioning designed to enable players to play safely and comfortably, as well as ground effects including a wide variety of turf trimming styles designed to please spectators, are a part of our standard management menu.
Our services are applicable to a wide variety of grounds and stadiums including ordinary grounds, athletic grounds, ball parks, rugby fields, and soccer fields.
 We conduct checks from the viewpoints of operators, players, and spectators.
Management fees are determined based on thorough interviews regarding local ground usage frequency, turf firmness, water drainage, resistance to abrasion, and other factors, as well as consultations with clients concerning the details of management services and management fees.
High efficiency in cost distribution for machinery, materials, and personnel is ensured through the utilization of economy of scale with other departments.
 Labor savings and improvements in the efficiency of management operations are achieved through the introduction of the latest machinery.
Thorough cost control is achieved through coordination with our headquarters.

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