The impact of plants on the Earth, environments, and people is immeasurable. We make the most of this power of plants through greening and forestation in order to create societies that can coexist with nature.

[Environment Greening]

Creating environments in which people and nature are in harmony with each other.
• We develop green environments a grade higher in quality through collaboration between management technical staff and design staff.
• Our technology can also handle rooftop greening that provides city environments with verdure and beauty.
• We propose green therapy designed for physical and psychological refreshment and the recovery of functions.
• We also provide environment effects through the greening of school play grounds and the rooftops of school buildings with turf and plants in order to help support Japan’s policy of more relaxed education.
• Our comprehensive management system ranges from field surveys of current conditions to solution proposals, design, execution of work, and management services.
• Our technology provides solutions for a wide variety of environments including hotels, condominiums, hospitals, factories, universities and public facilities such as parks, as well as private housing.
 We propose care programs to keep flowers and greenery fresh.
• We provide proposals a grade higher in quality through collaboration between our management technology staff and design staff.
• The technical know-how of our professional greening staff vitalizes existing greenery.
• We ensure ecological management using the most advanced materials.
• We provide weeding, fertilization, and pest control management services on both an annual and spot basis.
• Our technology can handle greening of both newly constructed and existing facilities such as parks and condominiums.

 List of Contracts

Care program proposals designed to keep flowers and plants fresh
• We propose low-cost maintenance by utilizing economy of scale with other departments.
• We choose and use environmentally friendly materials in an economical manner.
• We ensure strict and careful cost control through coordination with our headquarters.
• We offer a cost estimation system that provides management items and detailed operation descriptions in an easy-to-understand manner.

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